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Brazilian Movie about BOPE: "Tropa de Elite"

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I recently saw the Brazilian movie "Tropa de Elite" about BOPE stands for "Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais" or Battallion of Special Operations, the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro State. Pretty violent but I believe a good view of reality. This all happened back in 2008, so I am late :) when the movie "Trope de Elite" rocked Brazil 

One American living in Rio de Janeiro blogger describes the movies success like: "Despite leaking to the internet and (more importantly) to Brazil's vast network of street DVD dealers weeks before, it hit theaters nationwide this past weekend and is breaking records. The film's explosive success and the way it resonates with practically everybody in all corners of Brazilian society make it certain to have a profound influence on the subject it tackles: society's response to corruption, crime, and drug use".

Tropa de Elite unauthorized "sequels"

  • "Tropa de Elite 2" is the film "Noticias de uma Guerra Particular". A documentary that takes on the clash between police and drug gangs in Rio from a sociological perspective (in some ways, an anti- Tropa de Elite).
  • "Tropa de Elite 3" is a collage of videos from police operations in favelas.
  • "Tropa de Elite 4" is the film Qase Dois Irmaos, a drama about old friends who meet later in life: one as a senator, and the other a dealer.

Influence on Childeren

There's been a flurry of articles in the Brazilian press about kids reenacting the torture scenes from Tropa de Elite. Teachers are telling newspapers about 6-10 year olds putting plastic bags over each others heads (most of the torture scenes in the movie involve asphyxiation). Some older kids made video reenactments and posted them to Youtube, though the original crop have been taken down at the request of the police. One of the articles makes refers to a video of a guy mock-torturing his girlfriend.

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Other interesting articles about BOPE

YouTube Trailer of the Brazilian Movie: "Tropa de Elite"

YouTube Trailer from Brazilian Movie "Tropa de Elite 2: Elite Squad 2"

  • Also from the Gold Winning and Emmy Award Winning Director "Jose Padilha" 
  • Academy Award Nominee: Writer Braulio Mantovani
  • Academy Award Nominee: Editor Daniel Rezende

My conclusion

Come to think about it, it must be the last scene of the movie, where he can finally take "legal" revenge by shooting the killer of his best friend straight in the face: "A Legalised kill"