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Coldplay live at Rockwerchter 2011

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So there we were. Bought daytickets in December 2010 for saturday at Rockwerchter 2011. I was taking my kids - 13 and 15 - to Rockwerchter festival and apart from some other great bands we especially came to see Coldplay performing live on stage.

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Arrival at Werchter 2011

For me as an oldie :) I was quit surprised to see the difference between attending a Rockwercheter Festival in 2011 compared to 1993 Torhout/Werchter which in those days was a two day event with the friday night having an "open stage" with many "promessing bands" playing on the main stage. We used to go camping and I am sure we will go camping next year even though prices for rock festivals have sky rocketed over time. In my youth days organisation of such festivals was nothing compared to the professional approach you find these days. I was most surprised by MOJO, who now do big business delivering MOJO barries, fences to streamline the flow of fans and of course the 100+ toilets now available. in my days it was hard to find a toilet let alone sponsors with stands. These days organising festivals is BIG BUSINESS and bands ask much more than a couple of hundred dollars for a performance.

Price explosions for Rock Festivals

It used to be a nice experience and even in my youthfull days FL 150 guilders (around EUR 70) was already a huge price for a three day stay at Torhout/Werchter including the camping, anno 2011 I paid EUR 240 for 3 daytickets, so I guess the music Industry has nothing to complain about todays reality. If you are a rockband you know you won't get income on CD/LP sales but you do get your income from touring Summer festivals. A band like Coldplay makes around EUR 1.6 million a day performing at a Festival anywhere in the world (60 shows a year), else they simply won't show up. Considering torrents and free downloads I believe bands and individual singer/songwriters have nothign to complain about todays situation. They get a lot of free publicity from fans all over the world putting videos online through such channels as YouTube. It's just that the business model has changed radically.

Coldplay as an example

If you take a closer look at Coldplay - this is a band who really understands about the changed business rules and business case. Over the last three years we haven't seen any new "CD releases" yet every once in a while they bring us a new composition like "Christmas Lights" around november 2010 and now the half stolen tune from U2 called "Major Minus". Who in their fourties wouldn't recognize the "oh ah" from the famous Irish band U2? Yet they do understand that this might well be the new way of releasing songs one by one, performing on festivals for the real cash and then maybe after 3-4 years putting all those new songs together on a new CD which will eventually be bought by millions of die-hard fans around the world.

Coldplay at Rockwerchter 2011

Together with my childeren aged 13 and 15 years we are huge fans of Coldplay. They actually discovered the first and second CD which I bought back then. We attended Rockwerchter 2011 and I spent most of the day with my younger son. The older one - 15 - left with his friends after he understood that being at the very front of the stage requires a long and dragfull stay. At 15:00 hours they left with a bag full of food and drink in anticipation of Coldplay. With great pleasure I saw the guys during Coldplay on the screen, about 2 meters from the stage. I myself stood at some 15 meters from the stage in section 2 with the youngest, who regularly massaged my toes to see anything at all.

A nice YouTube movie - part of the Show including "Viva La Vida"


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