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Tango lessons 1 to 10: The basics

Tuesday, December 14, 2010 · Category Art & Culture · comments 0


After having tried such Latin dances as Bachata, Salsa, and Merengue mostly throughout the years I lived in the Carribean, I believe Tango is one of the most fascinating of all dances. In september I found myself a course close to home on one of my free weekly evenings and so I started to Tango. The following videos are an excellent reminder.

Tango lessons: 1 to 10

The first basic steps are an absolute necessity although you may later find out that you are quit free to use them in parts as you wish. This is probably what makes the Tango so interesting. Where most dances require a very precise counting, Tango is just like Al Pacino once said: "The Tango is the easiest dance. If you make a mistake and get tangled up, you just Tango on."

Tango lesson 1: Base del Tango

Tango lesson 2: El ocho adelante

Tango lesson 3: El ocho atras

Tango lesson 4: El Saguchito

Tango lesson 5: La media luna

Tango lesson 6: Cambio de frente

Tango lesson 7: Ocho con sacada

Tango lesson 8: Recule en cinque

Tango lesson 9: La caida sobre la mujer

Tango lesson 10: Giro con rulo


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