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Vasco Rossi in Vorst Nationaal | 06-05-2010

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I got to know Vasco Rossi thanks to my ex-wife. As he was born in Zocca and I passed by the place for about 10 years on the way to Modena, Emilia-Romagna, I guess this guy was supposed to cross my path. A mix of Bruce Springsteen, U2, Rod Steward (if I may say soo), Bob Dylan for his controversial lyrics and a bit of Lou Reed for his lifestyle, it was a sure thing from the first song that I heard.

Vasco Rossi and me

In 2000 I was to busy with my career and work at a large Dutch Bank, so I kindda missed that historic Ancienne Belgique concert. Nowadays I am even prepared to fly to Italy one on of those Ryanair flights just to catch up for a concert in Bologna. Than on the 6th of May 2010 I finally got to see him in Belgium when he went on his first "European Tour" since 2000. A European tour of only four concerts, one of which was performed in Brussels, Vorst Nationaal.

Vasco Rossi Biography

Vasco Rossi (born 7 February 1952) is an Italian singer-songwriter. During his 30-year career, he has published 21 albums (including live and collection discs) and has written some 130 songs, as well as lyrics for other artists. He calls himself a "provoca(u)tore" (an Italian portmanteau for "provoking author") as throughout his career he has been regularly criticized over his choice of lifestyle and the lyrics in his songs.

Vasco Rossi Album releases

Rossi released his first EP on June 13, 1977, which included the songs "Jenny è pazza" (Jenny is mad) and “Silvia", and a full-length album in 1978, Ma cosa vuoi che sia una canzone. In 1979, he released a second album, Non siamo mica gli americani ("We are not the Americans"), which included, "Albachiara" ("Whitedawn"), one of his biggest hits, and a ballad considered emblematic of Rossi’s poetic style. His most controversial album, Colpa d'Alfredo ("Alfredo's fault") followed in 1980; its title-track was censored from the radio and let loose bitter criticism because it contained some lyrics referring to women considered too explicit at that time. The controversy actually increased Rossi’s popularity.

  • Ma cosa vuoi che sia una canzone (1978)
  • Non siamo mica gli americani (1979)
  • Colpa d'Alfredo (1980)
  • Siamo solo noi (1981)
  • Vado al massimo (1982)
  • Bollicine (1983)
  • Va bene, Va bene così (1984)
  • Cosa succede in città (1985)
  • C'è chi dice no (1987)
  • Liberi... Liberi (1989)
  • 10.7.90 San Siro (1990)
  • Fronte del palco (1990)
  • Gli spari sopra (1993)
  • Nessun pericolo... Per te (1996)
  • Rock (1997)
  • Canzoni per me (1998)
  • Rewind (1999)
  • Stupido Hotel (2001)
  • Vasco Rossi Tracks (2002)
  • Buoni o Cattivi (2004)
  • Buoni o cattivi - Live Anthology 04.05 (2005)
  • Il mondo che vorrei (2008)
  • Vasco Rossi Tracks 2 (inediti & rarità) (2009)
  • Vasco London Instant Live (2010)


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