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Blogging: An internet hype dies a quiet death

Thursday, August 5, 2010 · Category History · comments 1


Almost every week you search for something specific and on the first 2 resultpages of Google  you come across interesting articles once written by a motivated and enlightened human being on this planet. Checking dates (if any) it strikes me that most of these articles where written between 2002-2007. The Internet is becoming the worlds biggest dump and graveyard.

The status of the Blogosphere

Newspapers like NRC and NYT have written and researched the ins and outs from Blogging since it started to decline somewhere in 2007. A site like Technorati stills published indepth facts and figures about blogging. They index blogs and keep track of Blog directories, top 100 and the status of the blogosphere. I believe somewhere in 2006 Blogging reached it's peak. Today the number of blogs is not entirely clear. Some 150 mln blogs are online with some 96% abandoned by their creator. Only 1.1% is being updated once a week.

Why did it almost die?

  1. The impact of new social media and our lifestyle
    If you weren't blogging, you were definately not from this world. Companies were urged to get their business blogs online. And than came Facebook, Twitter.
  2. Many bloggers moved to microblogs and new social media networks where one has a bigger chance of getting a reaction. And a reaction means: "I have read your post!". That's what social media is all about. The user generated content has intesified but also - in my opinion - become very superficial. In short; New social media fit much better in our current lifestyles in which there is no time to sit, think and reflect and re-consider.
  3. Our lifestyle
    People started blogging because it was popular and their friends where doing it too. We are running everyday to stay informed and up-to-date, act as taxi drivers for our kids, live together with agenda's and notebooks - now being transferred to iphones and other smartphones -  in our hands all the time. Basically forgetting what life is all about. How many of us start the new year with a good intention and a new plan and how many persist after a couple of months?
  4. The intesity of writing an article
    Blogging can be intens. To write one article can take hours of research, reading, writing and corrections. In our world we are measuring time in terms of gain and with a blog the gain can be 0.

So what makes Blogging fun?

  1. The fun and passion with the Internet as one big encyclopedia for research, a blog can be fun and the right platform to write what you interests you, keeps you busy and what you think of something.
  2. For those who cannot put their thing in 140 caracters and those who don't see the fun of telling friends and "digital friends" what you are doing all day long.

I ask myself; will I keep goning on? If it because an obligation, I will stop. On social media I like to keep it simple; LinkedIn for business, Facebook for friends and fun; My mobile phone I use for calling and sms and I travel with my new ASUS netbook although seeing the iPad has made me thinking....


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I found just what I was neeedd, and it was entertaining!


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