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Machu Picchu, Peru | The return of the first set of Machu Picchu artifacts on Peruvian soil

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Wednesday, 30 of March 2011 can be written into history books as the first day after nearly 98 years that Machu Picchu artifacts escavated by discoverer Hiram Bingham between 1911 and 1915 return on Peruvian soil. Without a doubt, a glorious day for the Peruvian Government and its people if one considers the struggle, law suits and longtime arguments about the Machu Picchu artifacts.

Presidential escort for Incan artifacts

The Incan remains arrived back in Peruvian soil Wednesday morning on a commercial LAN flight at Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport after being housed by Yale University for almost a century. Some 600 police oversaw the transfer of the 30 containers from Lima airport to the presidency in a convoy of trucks, broadcast live on TV. The 363 Machu Picchu artifacts and 1000 fragments will be displayed in the Government Palace in Lima for 6 days, before being transfered to the The Casa Concha, owned by the University of Cusco and restored over the past 4 years. Cusco is at the heart of the former Inca empire in southeast Peru.

Return schedule under the Yale-UNSAAC agreement

  • 30 march 2011: First 363 arriving with LAN commercial airlines from New York at 13:00 hrs GMT
  • May 2011: Ground work to start on the future Gran Museo del Tahuantinsuyo
  • 24 of July 2011: Official centennial celebration of Hiram Bingham's III arrival at Machu Picchu together with almost forgotten "farmer and 11-year old boy" Melchor Arteaga and Pablito Alvarez
  • December 2012: Final shipment of the 43.000+ artifacts to arrive in Peru

Admission to Casa Concha, Cusco, Peru

Victor Aguilar, rector of San Antonio Abad University – which owns Casa Concha – said that an admission fee would be charged only to foreign visitors. All Peruvians, without exception, should have free admission to the exhibition as the pieces are part of their identity. Find and book your hotel in Peru

Expectations about the Machu Picchu artifacts

Although the return of the Machu Picchu artifacts is a historical fact, ther eis quit some concern about the expectations Peruvians might have. The problem is that in Peru people think that there are 40,000 golden pieces, while in fact there is very little gold. Peruvian Minister of Culture, Ossio admitted, “Perhaps there will be some disappointment.” But he is not too worried. “It depends on the way you present the collection".

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Travelling to Peru

I have planned to visit Peru in May 2011 after the first wave of excitement has passed. Taking a one week break and flying directly from Amsterdam to Lima, Peru. From Lima to Cusco by train to visit the Casa Concha and to make the trip complete I will embark on a small "Majesty of Machu Picchu tour" and Find and book a hotel in Peru


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