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Marussia B1 and B1: First ever Russian Supercars

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The design of the supercars

Krasnov Igor is the person responsible for this design. The look a little bit like Russian airfighters in the MIG-series (remember the striking resemblance of the MIG-27 with the F-14 Tomcat). Taken a bit from all supercars. Formenko - a former GT World Championship driver - is also host to Russia's version of the BBC's Top Gear. Taking a closer look at the first two cars, I definately like the B1 more than the B2, which to me looks like a brutal monster of which the design wasn't finished all together when it went into production. I did like the initial 3D designs better than the production models.

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Production: High speed forward!

With all that money falling from the sky in Russian Oligarch hands, the Marussia Motor Company is moving forward in sixth gear. Marussia is a small scale, high-end operation turning out just 300 cars per year, but is expected to reach 2.000 within a year or two (!). The engines - a bit lightweight for a supercar - are 3.5 litres Britisch Cosworth V6, but the rest of the car - nearly 80% - is handcrafted in a factory in Moscow. The engine delivers some 300 HP and the car sprints to 100 km/h in 5 seconds.

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Aside from the price - the cars retail at just under $120,000, at least half the cost of competitors he claims - Fomenko says the almost frightening speed with which Marussia develops its cars is another key advantage. The two models launched in September motored from drawing board to showroom in just one year.

European Distributor in Belgium!

Yes, you read that right. Belgium is selected as the European distributor for the new Marussia Supercars. Formenko projects 2.200 to be assembled kits shipped to Belgium each year and aims at Europe as his primary market. Not so strange considering the huge number of wealthy Russians living here nowadays.

From Belgium Fomenko hopes to quicky open showrooms in London, Monaco, Berlin and Frankfurt. Flomenko says he already has some 700 firm orders, mainly from Germany, France and Britain with first deliveries to be expected in November 2010.

Marketing: Marussia and F1-racing

Just before the last F1-race in 2010 on the 11th of November 2010, Marussia accounced they will take a big stake in F1 Race team "Virgin Racing" from Richard Branson. The new team "Marussia Virgin Racing" is now certain to survive it's first year although the performance of the cars in the 2010 Championship leaves little to discuss.

What about financing such a huge project?

While we are all looking at Dutch startup Supercar builder Spyker Cars, returning ever larger losses each year, I wonder who is behind the Marussia Motor company.

Fomenko declines discussing his partners or the levels of investment into the company. However, if the company's plans for the next 12 months are anything to go by, there are few cash issues. Fomenko claims Marussia will have six models on its stand at next year's Frankfurt motor show in September, including two SUVs. That means: 4 more to design and develop in 1 year!

I am guessing that some Oligarchs like Suleyman Kerimov have something to do with the financing and the Belgium distribution centre. I am guessing they didn't forget about the well received treatment of Kerimov in 2006, when he was injured in Nice, France in a car accident with Russian television presenter Tina Kandelaki. Kerimov was transported to Military hospital Neder-over-Heembeek, after friends and relatives contacted than Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt and Belgian Minister of Defence Andre Flahaut.

Visit the Marussia Motors company website for more information and press materials

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1. by Lee Ann Riverburn about 7 years

Or because Belgium is traditionally a meeting point for the automotive sector both in distribution, presentation as well as assembling. add to that the prestigious annual car show attracting quite an international crowd (with quite a delegation from the UK), and you can rule out that his visit at Neder over heenbeek has anything to do with it.
at any rate, nice article


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