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Russian Camera FED-3

Friday, October 29, 2010 · Category Stumbled upon · comments 2


Suddenly I was the owner of a Russian-soviet camera FED-3. Gift from Maxim, L'vov, Ukraine.

What type of camera?

The FED is a Soviet rangefinder camera, mass produced from 1934 until around 1990, and also the name of the factory that made it. Large-scale production began in 1934, and in the same year the factory was put under NKVD control and Makarenko was fired[citation needed]. Production continued until 1941, when German forces destroyed the factory, and resumed in 1946.

Caracteristics from my FED-3 serial number

  • Serial number: 367440
  • Produced 1953 FED, Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Lens Industrar 61 lens with a wide f/2.8 opening
  • Film type 135 (35mm)
  • Diopter correction ring
  • Accessory shoe and PC sync connection

Specialties: New cursive script Fed logo, flatter shutter button, coated lens engraved with what were then called the international f stops, f4, f5.6 and so on rather than the earlier f4.5, f6.3. Lens came with a bakelite rather than metal lens cap.

Article: Wikipedia FED (Camera)

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Product article: FED-3 Refurbished


1. by Silviu about 9 years

My father has one. Great camera for film photos :)

2. by Kairi about 7 years

At last some rationality in our little dbaete.


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