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4* Star Pension for Chicken

Saturday, October 30, 2010 · Category Everyday life · comments 1


And so I had finally worked out the details, bought some basic material and started out on the poultry house. The girls (6) house is ready for use.


It started out some 4 weeks ago. I was in a meeting with Jan Scholtens and somewhere at the end he remembered that I liked chicken. When we met before somewhere in the beginning of June 2010, I said I would build my chicken house in the summer. But summer passed I than we had a telephone call about AdWords and I got my second reminder. That was some 4 weeks ago.

Phase 1: A Plan

Yes I need some plan, some idea to start. So I took a piece of paper and a pencil and started to scetch so I could imagine and picture myself how it would look like.

Phase 2: The basic layout

I knew I was going to put the Chicken house somewehere in the left corner of the garden as it was the last piece of the back garden that wasn't "finished" yet and since it was close to the backgarden terrace this seemed the perfect location. I cleaned up the place that first was some half open storage place for roof tiles and wood.

Phase 3: The Roof

First I thought to close the roof and make it all out of wood; than closing the wood with waterproof roofing, but when I saw the price of wood in the store and considering the square meters for the chicken house, I quickly turned to focus on other alternatives. I don;t like plastic roofs so I bought some special corrugated plastic.

Phase 4: Closing the chicken house

For the sides that close down the night house for the girls (chicken) I bought one plate of special water resistent wood; a shocking € 55! The rest I could cover with some old wood laying around and of course "chicken wire".

Phase 5: The details for finishing the chicken house

Than you think you are finished but you are not. The finishing touch concerned the bottom of the chicken wire hitting the ground. As I thought I have to make sure the house is closed in the bottom so the many (3) cats that frequently visit my back garden, can't get in. Than there is still the night house. It needs to have special places for the girls (chicken ;-) ) to lay their eggs. The ferry bridge or gangboard for the girls to enter the night house and last but not least you have to buy some basic food, a food container and a water feeder.

Getting the chicken themselves

So Jan promised me some 6 girls and one proud man. They will be picked up and let to their new home on Novembre 8th. Their house is ready for sure and inside the night house I have even added some plastic to the roof from the inside to make sure all is waterproof.

Total Cost

So I believe for the wooden poles (6) I paid some € 50. The rest of the wood some € 120. The roof it costs approximately (including nails) € 120. For the finsihing touch including feeding, wood flakes and last details I would guess some € 70 making a total of € 360. Considering 6 eggs now costing € 1,20 (€ 0,20  each) I expect the girls to lay some 5 eggs a day for a ROI of 1 year!

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  • chicken house 1.JPG
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  • chicken night house.JPG
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1. by bart about 9 years

5 chickens producing 3 eggs a day in winter without extra light. What to do with 21 eggs a week?


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