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Belgium Navy performing Queens "Don't stop me now"

Saturday, February 12, 2011 · Category Everyday life · comments 0


I am not sure if this movie will hold for a long time, so I downloaded the complete movie just in case. The Belgium navy on board the frigate "Louise-Marie" who just spent 4 months on mission in the fight against piracy in the front of the Somalian Coast, put together a playback movie based on Queen's "Don't stop me now".

We are talking about military who have just spent a couple of stressful months at Sea and who on their return home thought to put together this light and funny playback movie for showing at the traditional families day in Zeebrugge. Belgium Defense doesn't really like the leaking of this "forbidden movie" yet I see no harm at all with this movie. Belgium Defense ordered it not to be shown on Family day. So it should have remained sealed, but it didn't. Check it out. I like it.


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