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CSI Lommel, Belgium | Murder investigation

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I can't believe it. Our little town, beautiful and serene place, has been shocked and rocked by a murder late last night. The employee - a Bulgarian girl only 23 years old - from one of Lommel's nightshops was shot 6 times and died on the scene. What's happening to our world?

The woman ran one of Lommel's night shops and had just closed the shop. The victim died instantly, her body was found later in the morning.

Shots resembled the sound of roaring engines

"Tonight at 2:30 I shot awake. I heard shots, counted 4, but it seems to have been more, "commented local resident Jean Bloemen (73). "I did not think about shots, because the sound resembled that of roaring engines. But when I pulled open the curtains this morning, I saw people in white suits working on the stationstraat. First I thought an accident had occured.

Neighbours said the woman had been working for over a year in the night shop. "She always made a quiet impression, although some of us had recently noticed another man around who seemed to watch over her," says another anonymous neighbor.

Store owners India

The Stationsstraat was closed for a while, because the corpse was still lying in the street. In one of the cars from a local resident a bullet was found. From the offender there is still no trace. The Federal Judicial Police of Hasselt is engaged in the research.

The friend of the woman has been questioned, but is currently not a suspect. The ex-boyfriend of the victim is still being sought by police. The owner of the night shop is currently in India.


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