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Daily shopping for groceries

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 · Category Everyday life · comments 0


The kitchen, it's my domain. It's not that I really like to cook every day, but it happens to be a basic necessity, especially when you have some growing up teenagers around. It all starts with buying the groceries.

The daily groceries

Every time I go to the shop I can't happen to be looking around how people organise their shopping and most of all how the goods are packed after the payment. Most women go from one row to the other and back to the previous one. They stand before the the row, picking up one product after another as if they are all new. I thought men were very different when it comes to shopping for groceries, but I am wrong. Shopping in Italy for groceries with a good friend took ages, watching him pick up one pasta after the other and checking all information on the product, while he is Italian himself and one would think he has a preference for a certain type of pasta.

How to shop?

For me it's simple. I prefer to do all my groceries at the same single supermarket. After trying all supermarkets around my town I have found one that suits me well. In the beginning it took me over 40 minutes to make a round. Nowadays it can be done in some 10 minutes including the payment.

Once you know your supermarket and the products placement, the round can be very easy. Of course if you want to buy something different every time, this doesn't go. But for me it's basically the same list every week.

Packing your goods

When I watch most people, it amazes me. They just throw the goods back in the cart after the checkout and by the time they reach the car, many have plastic crates, bags and other storage facilities in the back of the car, where once again they have to take out all goods from the cart and but them back in the car. I imagine the same process takes place once they reach their homes.

To be most efficient I order my products already inside the cart. Heavy stuff in the back and the lighter ones in the front. Once I reach the checkout, I place the heavy stuff first as it goes into the bag first and when unpacking, the heavy stuff comes last out.


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