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Goodbye Nokia; Hello Google Nexus S, Samsung Galaxa S or HTC Desire HD

Sunday, March 20, 2011 · Category Everyday life · comments 2


Yes, you saw that right. Apple is missing. I know; the things they make are gorgous. The appliances they bring us rock the world and the quality is generally good, but when something is really "hot" I kindda don't want to have it and feel part of the lucky masses for "having it too". Also the Blackberry is missing. I never really felt for those small keyboards and that big appliance in your hand. So with some disappointment in the heart I am going to say goodbye to Nokia.

Why? What happened to Nokia?

I bought my first Nokia. It remember it was a blue and grey one. Over the years I only once stepped aside an got myself a NEC N280i until my ex smashed it against a wall.

  • 1997: 1660
  • 1998: 6110
  • 1999: 8810
  • 2000: 7110 Pica with the first scrollwheel - my favorite
  • 2001: 7650 Calypso - Not that handy
  • 2002: 6310i Triton - who didn't have such a Nokia?
  • 2004: NEC  - The only time I changed brand until my ex threw it against a wall
  • 2005: Nokia 6111 Munich and private phone Nokia 6060 Kowloon
  • 2006: Nokia 6288
  • 2008: Nokia E65
  • 2009: Nokia 6661i - very nice, small and elegant
  • 2011: Google Nexus S, Samsung S or HTC Desire
  • Galaxy S.jpg
  • Galaxy S II.jpg
  • iPhone4.jpg
  • iPhone34.jpg
  • google.jpg
  • Google S.jpg

Nokia and missing the mobile phone market development: 2008 onwards

  • In 2008, Nokia released the Nokia E71 which was marketed to directly compete with the other BlackBerry-type devices offering a full "qwerty" keyboard and cheaper prices.
  • The Nokia X3 - new music and social networking phones - is a first series 40 Ovi Store-enabled device. The X3 is a music device that comes with stereo speakers, built-in FM radio, and a 3.2 megapixel camera.
  • Until 2008 Nokia was the major shareholder in Symbian Limited, a software development and licensing company that produced Symbian OS, a smartphone operating system used by Nokia and other manufacturers. In 2008 Nokia acquired Symbian Ltd and, along with a number of other companies, created the Symbian Foundation to distribute the Symbian platform royalty free and as open source.
  • On September 10, 2009, Nokia unveiled a new handset, the 7705 Twist, a phone with a sports square shape that swivels open to reveal a full QWERTY keypad.
  • At the end of the year 2007, Nokia managed to sell almost 440 million mobile phones which accounted for 40% of all global mobile phones sales. By 2010, Nokia's market share in the mobile phone market had dropped to 32.6%

It's just too late - for me

In February 2011, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop, a former Microsoft employee, unveiled a new strategic alliance with Microsoft, and announced it would replace Symbian and MeeGo with Windows Phone 7. Good thing here for Bill and Steve Ballmer. The two molochs who missed the mobile phone market development with the introduction of the iPhone found each other and as they are huge, I am sure together they come back and capture their piece of the market in a year or 2.

Conclusion: Google Nexus S?

I would just be buying the Galaxy S or Galaxy S II yet this one would come with the Google Logo "Manufactured by Samsung". I have checked some of the marketing online. I just love the simplicity of the Google Nexus S promotional website.

  • Nexus S.jpg
  • Nexus S website.jpg
  • Nexus S website 2.jpg
  • Nexus S website 3.jpg
  • Nexus-buy-now-1.jpg


1. by Stefan about 9 years

As a Galaxy S owner I advice you not to buy a Samsung device. The support for updates is poor and some tech decisions made the device to be slow. So many times I have a black screen to look at when I just want to use it as a freaking phone.

Nexus S is another story. Manufactured by Samsung, support from Google. It will be the first device to get the future updates, OTA, NFC and so on.

HTC has a good support. The devices look more business like.

2. by Chulyta about 7 years

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