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Music for life 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 · Category Everyday life · comments 2


So one of the tasks I guess I have as a parent is following up on the teenagers ideas and interests. Music for Life is one of those interests. It has been taken place for the last 6 years and is organised between the public radio network and the Red Cross. Music for life takes place in the last week before the Christmas holiday period.

So what's Music for Life?

The highlight of the Music for Life campaign is the last week before Christmas, when 3 DJ's close themselves up in a glass house for one week. The campaign takes place in the Netherlands and in Belgium simultanously. Durign the week in the glass house the DJ's present a music radiomarathon and while in the house - as a sign of solidarity - they do not eat any fixed food, just fruit - and vegetable juices. During the campaign as much money as possible is being raised through all sorts of local initiatives and actions. Many kids, associations but also government and private businesses donate money for the good cause. All songs played on the radio are only on request and cost from $ 12,00 up a song.

Music for Life 2010 Campaign

The Music for Life campaign 2010 is focussed on kids from parents that died of AIDS. Some 15 million childeren around the world have no parents due to the disease, are left without a roof over their head; don't go to school and are often excluded by the community where they live(d).

Music for Life in Belgium and Holland

Many bands pass to play a couple of songs. This year I have heard "Absythe Minded, The Editors and Bart Peeters. The campaign is called "Serious request" in the Netherlands. Get some more interesting information on these links:


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