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Resolution 1973 Libya: 100 million a day in taxpayers money

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In Europe people are suffering and struggling to make ends meet. Gas and Oil prices have skyrocketed to new recordlevels at the gas station. 5 to 6 EU-members have trouble raising capital. All EU-members need to take drastic cut-back measures in government spending. Britisch Defense budget will be cut by 20%. Asking our respective governments to limit the maximum amount of gasoil prices at the gas station is a no go, so what we do? We go to fight another war in Libya, costing us approximately 100 million euro a day.

"Protecting the people"

So some of our leaders decided that we have to protect the people from Libya - or at least a small group that started the revolution - from a civil war, that is actually just taking place as we speak. Do we realise at the same moment there is this country called Ivory coast in Africa, where just 4 months ago incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo lost the elections but refussed to step down resulting in a real civil war where 1.000's are being killed, raped and murdered every day? Shouldn't we protect these people too?


Makes me wonder what are the minimum requirements for the USA and NATO countries to "protect citizens". Is it oil? Or just a lot of political factors like the decision made by the Turkish government just yesterday to join the NATO forces. Why after so much opposition in Turkey, the only Islamic country inside the NATO? Okay, I see. 25.000 Turkish contract construction workers might loose their jobs in Libya, so basically it all comes down to political decisions and gambling. PM Erdogan gambling that Gaddafi will make place and by joining the NATO forces he hopes the Turkish workers contracts will be continued.


Sarkozy just lost provincial elections in France big time. He also made two mistakes concerning the revolutions that took place in Tunesia and Egypt, so I guess stepping in as the first EU-member state to declare war on Gaddafi was his last option to restore and show off some of the French former colonial power, because let's not forget that North-Africa is still considered by the French to be the French backyard.


In Belgium alone it is estimated that some 20% of the population is living close to or below the poverty line. Yet it is more important to secure a so-called No-fly zone and waepons embargo on Libya with our hightech toys  in order to keep our "bodycount" as low as possible.

Paying for "Operation Odyssey Dawn"

Non of our respective governments have a special Financial jar for extra military expenses. In fact, we are all cutting back on our military budgets. But we seem to have no problem financing another war with no predictable end, let alone any clear goal. Are we going in with groundtroops? Are we going to take Gaddafi out of Office? Who will replace the man? Another dictator? Does anybody really care?

"Operation Odyssey Dawn": 100 million a day

Thanks to Britisch Defence Analysis Journalist Francis Tusa we now have a pretty good estimate of the cost of securing the No-Fly zone and the waepons embargo. A few numbers:

6 Royal Airforce Tornado (UK)
EUR     40.000 6 hours to fly up and down to Libya makes EUR 200.000 a flight
140 Cruise missiles EUR  1.000.000 a piece
140 used makes around EUR 140.000.000
8 French Rafale M Navy fighter EUR  40.000 an hour  
4 French Dassault Mirage 2000 fighter EUR  25.000 an hour In the first 3 days France operated 55 flights taking some 400 hours, so a total of around EUR 12.8 million
6 Belgium F-16's EUR  25.000 an hour  
6 Dutch F-16's EUR  25.000 an hour  
US B2-Spirit Stealth Bombers operating from Missouri USA EUR 7.000 an hour EUR 175.000 excluding the costs of the bombs themselves

Some of the other military equipment used

Current weekly costs are estimated to reach around 450 million euro. When the No-Fly zone is secured and ther ewill be no more need for intensive bombing raids, the costs will drop to around 50 million euro a week, just because effectively monitoring the No-Fly zone requires the use of 24 planes during 24 hours a day.

Than there is the prestitious French again with their new and only carrier "Charles de Gaulle" costing EUR 50.000 an hour to operate, EUR 1.2 million a day and thus around 8.4 Million a week. Both the French and Royal Navy operate submarines costing around EUR 10.000 an hour so arround EUR 1.68 million a week.

Than we still have the Americans. Oh yes, President Obama vowed to decrease the military presence in Iraq and Afganistan, yet there is always room for another little dirty war costing around 100 million dollar a day. The USA is using their madly expensive B2-Spirit Stealth Bombers operating from Missouri USA. These pretty machines cost around EUR 773 million to build. A flight from Missouri, USA to Libya and back takes around 25 hours at a cost of EUR 7.000 an hour. So dropping a couple of bombs over Libya amount to EUR 175.000 excluding the costs of the bombs themselves.

The shot down F-15 Strike Eagle had a pricetag of EUR 50 million.

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