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Who will the Republicans put their bets on?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 · Category Politics · comments 1


Mister CEO, Mitt Romney, the guy campaigning like he is just executing part I from his business plan “Conquering the White house in 2012” or the Passionate, Conservative by heart, religious, Rick Santorum with a strong emphasis and believe in family values. Something that is appreciated among many in current days.

Monster scores and prejudice views

I couldn’t let this one go. In the Dutch Press this morning one title mentioned “Monster scores for Romney in Massachusetts en Idaho”.  I read the article after I updated myself on the Republicans nominee race 2012. Checked from each State the voting percentages, read all the comments and it just struck me how we all look different at the world and how we all have our own opinions and prejudices. They forgot to mention that the other candidates didn’t make the ballot, so it was basically a two man race.

Rick Santorum’s issues to overcome

Rick Santorum – in my opinion – has only one chance to overcome the 310 electorate he is lagging behind Mitt Romney; Sweep the Southern states. And he can do it. But he has got one huge obstacle in the way: The old, stubborn ex-speaker of the house “Newt Gingrich” with his 100-day plan back than, when republicans took over control in Congress during the Clinton Administration.

Rick Santorum’s second big question is the change in delegate count and the allocation of delegates. In the past most states policy consisted of “the winner takes all”. This year it’s different; Even if you don’t win, you still get a fair proportion of the delegates. So Rick Santorum can continue to win states and pick up delegates, he's still facing a gap of - 481 minus 171 – 310 delegates.

Upcoming primaries and caucuses

March 10

Guam Caucuses




Kansas Caucuses




Northern Marianas Islands Caucuses




Virgin Islands Caucuses



March 13

Alabama Primary




American Samoa Caucuses




Hawaii Caucuses




Mississippi Primary



March 17

Missouri Caucuses »



March 18

Puerto Rico Caucuses



March 20

Illinois Primary



March 24

Louisiana Primary






So even if, let’s say:

  1. Newt Gingrich backs out of the race
  2. And Rick Santorum wins big in the South (Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana) with a total of 376 delegates for grabs and lagging behind 310 delegates

It seems hardly possible for Rick Santorum to get close to Mitt Romney’s total as of April, when most primaries hold “winner takes all” delegate contests.

Is this good for the Republican Party?

Big theme. I read comments on it everywhere, mostly with the opinion that this nomination race is bad for the Republican Party. I believe the Republican Nominee Race is a delight to follow this year. Even if you may doubt democracy in the USA with its 2 political parties and all the dollars invested into the Presidential Campaign. The beauty of it all is that despite all that money – as a candidate – you really have to go out there and stand before small and bigger crowds to try and convince these voters to believe in you.

Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum against Obama

It seems to me that most of the Dutch press – as much as they already love the USA – have decided somewhere after the summer that there would be no other Republican candidate than Mitt Romney.

  • Barrack Obama against Mitt Romney? I’m putting all my bets on Obama.
  • Rick Santorum against Barack Obama?  I hesitate putting a bet.

In the end it seems to me that this is a Republican Nominee race where the choice is either “cold executer” or “passionate believer in God and values”.  What will American Republics choose? Go save and take Mitt Romney into a sure loss or choose for an emphasis on the restoration of some moral values into the American Way of Life? And who knows even against greed … but then again; that’s what I would like to believe.


1. by Bart about 8 years

Well Santorum found a nice way out. Just in time. Not to loose his homestate. If Romney doesn't make it this year, we are possibly looking at the 2016 Republican Candidate "Rick Santorum"


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