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The Black Church covered in snow, Brasov

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Last weekend we went for a tourist walk around the old city of Brasov. The walk brings you passed the remnants of the old city walls with some of the fortified towers reconstructed or renovated. From all pictures taken during the walk I have decided to break it up in parts starting with the Black Church, with it's 89m length the largest original Gothic Church between Vienna and Constantinopol.

The black Church and it's name

The name "Black Church" was conferred to the main Evangelic - Lutheran Church of German language from Brasov after the catastrophic fire in 1689, when the whole city was actually burnt. The flames and the smoke blackened its walls, but the sumptuousness and the greatness of the church couldn't be destroyed. The Black Church also holds the biggest bell in Romania weigthing some 6300 kilos.

Black Church covered in snow, Brasov


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