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Visiting Sankt Petersburg | Russia

Thursday, June 23, 2011 · Category Eastern Europe · comments 0


There is a lot to be said about Sankt Petersburg. I wondered for more than a year about the city, after having visited Russia for the first time in 2009. Arriving in Moscow I went straight forward to the city of Kazan where I met up with a dear friend. Kazan being the border city of "White and original Russians" send there once by Tsar "Ivan The Terrible" and basically still the frontier between Russians originating from Moscow and the Islamic Tartarians. 

After this visit I needed to see more of Russia and besides Moscow there is really only one place to compete in the top 3 Russian cities: "Sankt Petersburg".  Interesting also because of Tsar Peters' stay in Amsterdam once for a period of three months. A period that led him not only to develop the first Russian Navy Ships but also led him to develop Sankt Petersburg with its canals much like Amsterdam, a city he came to love. 

In this post I basically want to show some pictures and for more information on the city itself I recommend:

By the way: If you are ever thinking to visit Sankt Petersburg, I highly recommend to visit the city in June when there are the so-called white nights; this is when the days are longer and the bridges over the river Neva open up at night bathing in white light.


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