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Amsterdam - Driving home for Christmas

Thursday, December 23, 2010 · Category Western Europe · comments 0


Amsterdam, city of sin, pleasures, sightseeing and shopping. Especially when you arrive around 17:00 hours in the evening after a long day of appointments crossing from one client to the other.

Amsterdam 24-hours buzzling

Somehow it gets to you. Even upon arrival over the Ring A-10 coming from the A4 and driving under the viaduct the planes from Schilphol Airport use as a crossing on their way to the terminal, you can feel you are entering a different world. Living in a village - or as some state "small city" - Amsterdam is another world.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

The Kentucky Fried Chicken store is a no show fast food restaurant in most parts of Holland. You will find some outlets in Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and of course Amsterdam. Everytime I get to Amsterdam, I just have to get some of those spicy hotwings. Yet in multi ethnic Amsterdam this Kentucky Outlet on the main street "The Dam" is the only one with long, long waiting lines. Just standing in line waiting for your hotwings is an experience in itself. People from all ethnic communities, sms typing in what seems Arab language to me, the girls behind the counter coming straight from Nigeria, Ghana, Suriname and South-East Asia and in line I feel a bit ackward with my blond/grey hair. Seems I am the only "whity" around, yet my heart has some black blood running there from the past.

Driving home from Christmas

After having a look at some shops and a taste of something else .... I got back to my car parked in one of the incredibly expensive garages in the Center. The winter in our "small city" is mild but covered with snow. In Amsterdam you notice that Holland is basically a flat country and the wheater is mostly influenced by the North Sea: In other words, it may have been -1 degrees yet it felt like -12 degrees. Once on the way out of the city and on route to the South I got my little yearly surprise playing on the radio: "Driving home for Christmas". Yes, I was.


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