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Visiting Mount Athos: An overview

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You know you go to visit the Holy Mountain of Athos. So what you are going to do? You Google!

Overview of Mount Athos

Usually I would make some new folder in favorites, throw in there everything read and “seemed interesting”. Now I made an overview of Mount Athos' first Google 30 results and what seemed interesting in between the “search-click-read-next” period.

My 30 Google results and what passed

Article: Saints of Mount Athos

Article: General information on Mount Athos

Article: Life in Mount Athos

Article: Life in Mount Athos

Article: Icons on Mount Athos

Article: Monastries on Mount Athos

Article: Visiting a monastry on Mount Athos

Article: Wikipedia information Mouth Athos (Dutch)

Article: What the Dutch Government Customs think of Mount Athos

Article: De Schismatieke kloosters op den berg Athos.
Published: 7th of june 1913

Website: Mount Athos Information
Is the centre of Eastern Christian Orthodox Monasticism.

Website: Griekse gids over Mouth Athos
Athos-Agion Oros.

E-Book: Visit to Mount Athos
Publisher: Project Gutenberg
Release date: 24 apr 2006
Copyright status: Public domain in the USA.
Downloads: 37

Article: Athos, Agios Oros, de Heilige Berg
Publisher: “Ontdek het echte Griekenland”

Website: Iconen van de Athos Berg
Publisher: Sint-Andriesabdij Zevenkerken

Article: Tussen meteoren en Athos
Publisher: Gazet van Antwerpen
Date: 27/05/'09

  • aleksei-evstigeniev-an-icon-painting-studio-on-mount-athos-1997.jpg
  • aleksei-evstigeniev-the-russian-monastery-of-st-panteleimon-on-mount-athos-1999-e1271963562510.jpg
  • athos-panteleimon.jpg

Blog: Blogs about Orthodox

Image: Mount Athos (Wikipedia)

Article: Monniken berg Athos bedroefd over orthodoxe toenadering tot paus
Hilversum (ANP/AFP/Van onze redactie) 3 januari 2007

Article: Zonnepanelen voor Athos Mountain
Publisher: De Trouw
Date: 28 juli 1998

Website: Sailing schedule Ferry service / FERRY BOAT to Mount Athos
Publisher: Mount Athos Infos gr.

Information article for Pilgrims: Pilgrims Information office

Article with overview : About the monastries

Rebel monks battle police at monastery
Published: 1 Jun 2009

Website: Information about Mount Athos
The Holy Mount Athos is located in Greece, more exactly said in the geographic district of Macedonia (not to confuse with the autonomous state) and there in the governmental district Halkidiki.
Publisher: Michael Brueser

Website: Athos Wines in Mylopotamos, Holy Monastery of Great Lavras
Mylopotamos is the largest dependency of the Holy Monastery of Great Lavras. The tower and temple, in the name of Saint Megalomartira Evstathiou, were built by Saint Athanasios of Athoniti some time before 973 A.D. Saint Athanasios, like the wise and far-sighted man he was, also cleared the surrounding area and planted vineyards and olive trees, building a winery and olive press from which the great monastery got its table wine, the communion wine for the Lord’s Service and also its oil.
Karyes, P.O. Box 86
63086 Berg Athos

Link: For more information about Mylopotamos

Book : Op de heilige berg Athos:
Publisher: W.P. Theunissen
Date: 1965

Article: Damesvoeten betreden heilige grond
Publisher: De Volkskrant (Rolf Bos)
Date: 10/01/08, 11:21

Blog site: An English Physician
Date: Oktober 2010

Article: Leaving Aphroditi

Article: Can Paulinus Persuade?

Article: The Wine-Dark Sea

Article: Orthodox Monasteries

Blog: Agion Oros ΄Αγιον ΄Ορος (Athos)
Date: Oktober 2010
Een blog over de Agion Oros (Athos), de Tuin van de Moeder Gods, het spirituele centrum van het oosters-orthodoxe christendom.

Article: Impressie van een bezoek aan de heilige berg Athos


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